Many commands are available to players, here you'll find a list grouped by type and/or rank:

Please note: Mcmmo is a complex plugin with many features and so isn't covered here, if you're not familiar with it and/or would like to learn more about it see the official wiki.

Teleport commands:

/tpa- request teleport to user.
/tpahere- request teleport user to you.
/back- teleport back to last location.
/tpaccept- accept a teleport request.
/tpdeny- deny a teleport request.
/tptoggle- toggle whether or not players can send you teleport requests.
/spawn- teleport to spawn.
/back- teleport to your previous location.
/warp- view all available warps.
/rtp or /wild- warp to a random location (500-2000 blocks from spawn).

Home commands:

/home- teleport home.
/home [id]- teleport to home [id] if you have multiple homes.
/sethome- sets your home with the default id 'home'.
/sethome [id]- sets your home and assigns it an id.
/delhome [id]- deletes your home [id].

Note: The number of homes you can have depends on rank, see "Ranks" page for details.

Economy commands:

/bal - check your balance.
/pay [player] [amount]- pays [player] the [amount] specified.

Jobs commands:

This is not a complete list, just the most used, for full information use the first command.

- get information about the jobs commands.
/jobs join [job]
- joins the [job] specified.
/jobs leave [job]
- leaves the [job] specified.
/jobs stats [player]
- shows stats for your current job.
/jobs shop
- browse rewards you can buy with your points.

Land protection commands:

The land protection system is extremely flexible but very easy to use, whilst many servers use a golden shovel we use the wooden shovel instead.

Why? Well it's simple, firstly you're less likely to be using a wooden shovel for digging, secondly wood is a much more abundant material than gold!

You can also use a stick to 'investigate' blocks and find out if they are protected.

A lot of things are still done via commands, here's everything you'll need:

/AbandonClaim- abandon (remove) the claim you are in.
/ClaimExplosions- toggle whether explosions are allowed in the claim.
/Trust [player]- trust [player] to build etc within the claim.
/UnTrust [player]/[all]- remove [player], or [all] players, from the claims trusted list.
/AccessTrust [player]- trust [player] to use buttons, levers and beds within the claim.
/ContainerTrust [player]- as above, but also grants crafting, container & animal use.
/TrustList [player]- list all the trusted players for the claim you are in.
/SubdivideClaims- switches shovel to subdivide mode.
/BasicClaims - switches shovel to basic claim (normal) mode.
/ClaimsList - lists all your claims plus details of your block use & limits.

Note: The commands are not case sensitive, they are just typed that way here for clarity.

Misc commands:

The following are available to players of all ranks:

/website- get a clickable link to this website.
/modpack- get a clickable link to the DiggyVerse modpack website.
/discord- get a clickable link to our official Discord (voice & text chat).
/help- get in game help with commands.
/report <description>- open a support ticket, describe issue carefully.
/shop- open the server shop and player auctions menu.
/ranks- get a list of the server ranks, with prices shown.
/rankup- rank yourself up to the next rank (if you can afford it).
/vote- vote for the server and earn rewards.
/mcstats- view your McMMO stats.
/mail read- read your offline messages.
/mail clear- clear your offline messages.
/whisper  [player] [message]- whisper to [player].
/msg or /m  [player] [message]- send a private message to [player].
/reply or /r- send a quick reply to a message.
/me [message]- emote a message.
/afk- toggles your AFK status (players frozen when AFK).
/suicide- kill yourself.
/rules [page]- display a list of server rules and other information.
/motd- display the 'Message Of The Day'.
/list- list all online players.
/stack- stacks all stackable items in your inventory.
/xp- displays information about your experience and level.
/itemdb- displays information about the item in your hand.
/recipe [item/block]- view the crafting recipe for [item/block].
/realname [nickname]- displays the real player name of someone using a nickname.
/warnings [player]- find out if [player] has any warnings.
/warninginfo [player]- get information about any warnings that [player] has.
/hat- wear the block that's in your hand, on your head.
/getpos- get details of your location.
/depth- find out what depth you are at.
/compass- get information about your direction.
/unlockdrops- unlocks your dropped items so others can collect them.
/givepet- allows you to give a pet away to another player.

Below are details of the additional commands you gain as you rise through the ranks. 

Note: commands with [V] next to them are also available to VIP players, regardless of their current rank.

The following are available for players of Resident rank or above only:

/mail send [player] [message]- send an offline message to [player]. [V]
/nick [nickname] / off- change or turn off your nickname ($100 per use). [V]
/sell [price] [hours] [starting bid]- put items/blocks up for sale in the player auctions. [V]
/warp public [name]- request that your warp [name] is made public.
/warp public remove [name]- make your warp [name] private again.
/warp rename [name] [name2]- rename your warp [name] to [name2].

The following are available for players of Citizen rank or above only:

/book- edit a written book, including title & author changes.
/workbench or /craft- open a crafting grid anywhere. [V]
/ss change [type]- change the spawner you are looking at into [type]* ($300 per use).
/shops- used to create and manage Shop Chests** ($25 creation cost).
/vault- access your player vault to store / retrieve items.

*Note: You can only change the spawner to a type that can normally be obtained in the overworld; zombie, skeleton, spider & cave spider.

**Note: You must be holding the item you want the Shop Chest to buy or sell when creating the shop, to disable either buying or selling on a chest set the price to 0.

The following are available for players of Lord rank or above only:

/skull [player]- spawn or edit a player skull ($20 per use). [V]
/enderchest- open your Ender Chest from anywhere.

The following are available for players of Master rank or above only:

/firework [color/s] [fade] [shape] [effect]- edit fireworks ($100 per use). [V]
Example -  /firework color:red,blue fade:yellow shape:star effect:trail
Shape options - ball, star, large, creeper or burst. Effect options - trail or twinkle.

/spawnmob [type] [amount]- spawn 1-4 mobs, animals only  ($200 per use). 

The following are available for players of Legend rank or above only:

/feed- refills your hunger bar the fast way. [V]
/enchant [type] [level]- enchant the item in your hand  ($250 per use). 

The following are available for players of Titan rank or above only:

/fix [all]- repairs your tools and armour the fast way ($200 per use). [V]
/fireball- shoot fireballs like a ghast. 
/thor or /smite- summon lightening to strike the block / mob you're looking at. 

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