Staff Info

Unlike most servers we do not have Admin & Moderator ranks, instead we have two "DiggyCrew" roles, allowing staff like players to play and rankup like anyone else.

Players with these roles have the following tags after their names:

[D] - Part of the DiggyCrew, the player is trusted to assist other players. 
[D] - A core DiggyCrew member, with full staff level privileges.

DiggyCrew members can recommend other established players for DiggyCrew status if they feel they would be suitable, repeatedly asking does not help a players chances.

This section details the abilities and commands available to DiggyCrew members with a [D], both for their reference and so players are aware of what types of issues they can help with.

Player Assistance:

The following commands & abilities are available to provide player assistance:
  • Join the server even if full.
  • Post clickable links to chat.
/claimbook [player]- Give [player] a new copy of the Claim Book (land claim info).
/claimslist [player]- View details of land claims belonging to [player].
/spawn [player]- Send [player] to spawn, useful if a player glitches etc.
/seen [player]- See when [player] was last online, and ban reason if banned.
/near [player]- See who is currently close to the location of [player].
/exp [player]- Check the current Exp level of [player].
/ticket view [all/id]- View the ticket [id] or a list of all open tickets.
/chunkinfo- View information about the chunk you are in.
/warp spy [player]- View all warps created by [player].
/warp staff- View staff only warps.

Incident Prevention:

The following commands & abilities are available to help prevent incidents such as grief:

/separate [player] [player]- Force two players to ignore each others chat & private messages.
/unseparate [player] [player]- Allow two separated players to see each others messages again.
/mute [player] [time]- Mute [player] for [time]. Used only if necessary.
/kick [player] [reason]- Kick [player] from the server. Used only if necessary.
/jail [player] [time]- Jail [player] for [time]. Only used as a last resort.
/jails- View the list of available jails.
/warn [player] [reason]- Issue [player] with a warning for [reason].
/invsee [player]- View the inventory of player [player].

Note: DiggyCrew members with a [D] can also ban players if necessary and also delete warnings. They can also view offline inventories and search all players for a specific item.

Grief Investigation:

Every block placed and broken, by players or naturally, is logged by CoreProtect. In addition it logs entities, including blocks such as frames as well as animals. This command allows DiggyCrew members to investigate blocks and view it's history. 

/co inspect- Toggle inspection mode on and off.

Note: DiggyCrew members with a [D] can also perform rollbacks or view detailed player reports if required.