Here's a quick guide covering your main options for making money on the server:
  • Vote, it's quick and easy to do and can earn you up to $250 per day plus bonuses!
  • Claim your daily kit at spawn, you'll get $100-$150 per day depending on rank.
  • Submit awesome/funny screenshots! We pay $150 for each one we use on the website.
  • Get a job! If you are Resident rank or above you can choose from 11 jobs to boost your income, with pay increasing as you rise through the levels! See below for more information.
  • Sell stuff using the shop at spawn (or using: /shop), you can earn a decent amount just by mining, farming etc and making goods to sell!
  • Sell stuff to other players via the Auction House (using: /sell). You can set two prices, an instant buy price and a bidding start price, as well as a time limit for the auction.
  • Sell stuff to other players using [Trade] signs. Using these signs you can buy/sell items for either other items or money, giving you lots of options. Find out more by clicking here.
  • If you are Citizen rank or above you can also create Shop Chests (how many depends on rank), these allow you to create a much nicer looking shop. Find out more on the 'Commands' page.
You can also create [Balance] signs so that you or others visiting your shop can quickly check how much money they have!


All jobs are available to players of Resident rank or above.

The available jobs (11 in total) are:

Woodcutter - Miner - Baker - Digger - Farmer - Hunter
Crafter - Fisherman - Weaponsmith - Brewer - Enchanter

Pay has an hourly limit of $200 to start with, however each job has 32 levels you can progress through to gradually increase your limit to a massive $840 per hour!

Things you'll want to know:
  • You can join up to two jobs at a time.
  • Your hourly pay limit is based on the total levels of your current job/s.
  • If you leave a job only your current level is saved, not progress towards the next one.
  • As well as money you'll gain points, which can be spent in the jobs shop.
  • Even after you hit the money limit you continue gaining points and experience towards the next level, those limits are much higher than for money.

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