We like to keep things simple so we just have one single donation package, VIP!

VIP players keep their standard rank but gain a [V] after their name.

The package includes early access to certain commands, better McMMO perks than any of the standard ranks, and a range of other perks and items.

Please note: We do not profit at all from these donations, payments are made direct to our hosting company via GroupPay and 100% goes towards our hosting costs.

VIP [Lifetime] - £12 minimum donation:

Here's a summary of what's included:
  • A personal thank you message from DiggyWig!
  • Join the server even when it is full.
  • +6000 bonus land claim blocks.
  • 16 hours of FREE /fly time per week.
  • 80% discount when creating warps.
  • Create up to 32 Shop Chests.
  • McMMO perks: -50% cooldowns, -12s activation time & double exp.
  • Unlock several commands early (see here).
  • Early access to "DailyPremium" kit.
  • 4 x Enchanted Gold Apple
  • 2 x Ender Chest
  • 8 x Iron Block
  • 4 x Gold Block
  • 2 x Emerald Block
  • 2 x Diamond Block
  • 2 x Diamond Horse Armor
  • 1 x Beacon
  • 1 x VIP Wings (Enchanted Elytra)
  • 1 x VIP Blade (Enchanted Diamond Sword)
  • 8 x Common loot crate keys.
  • 8 x Uncommon loot crate keys.
  • 4 x Rare loot crate keys.
  • 4 x Legendary loot crate keys.
Additional Land Claim Blocks:

Want more land claim blocks? You have two options;
  1. Donate more than the minimum above, for every £2 extra you'll get another 500 blocks, along with 1 x Rare loot crate key!
  2. If you're already a VIP you can make an additional donation, for every £6 you donate you'll get another 1500 blocks, along with 3 x Rare loot crate keys!
To become a VIP just follow these two simple steps:
  1. Make your donation via this link:
  2. Send an email to the following address to confirm the donation and your in game name:
Once the [V] appears after your name in game simply visit spawn, with an empty inventory, and claim the "VIP Kit". The kit will provide all your VIP items and apply your other perks. 

Please note that payments are made direct to our hosting company via PayPal and that step two above is essential so that we know who to give the rank/items to!

Although in most cases you will receive your [V] very quickly, please allow 24-48 hours as some payments can take longer to show on the account or there may be other circumstances delaying verification.

Basic terms and conditions (just to be clear):
  1. VIP benefits may change over time, mostly for the better, but sometimes we may have to withdraw features due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  2. VIP players are not exempt from the rules and can still receive warnings, be jailed and in extreme circumstances be banned like any other player.
  3. Whilst highly appreciated your donation is just that, a donation, no contract is implied in any way and refunds cannot be made by us as payments go direct to our hosting company. Donations are not in any way a guarantee of continued availability of the server and/or any other services. 
  4. The term 'lifetime', as used on this site in reference to donations, refers to the lifetime of the current server, not the player. 
  5. By donating you accept the terms and conditions on this page with the understanding that they are subject to change at any time, and not exhaustive. You also accept that the server owners word is final should a dispute arise.
Terms and conditions last updated November 2016.

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