DiggyMinecraft is a professionally hosted 24/7 vanilla server based in the UK.
With all the modpacks available today sometimes you just want to go back to basics and that's what we aim to provide, with simple plugs that extend rather than drastically alter the game.

Land protection and access to features is tied to working your way up through the ranks, with clear progression and goals. McMMO provides rewards for pretty much every common task, and we provide multiple ways for players to earn in game money just by playing the game!

We're always happy to receive screenshots of players building awesome things and just generally having fun on the server, in fact we'll even give you $150 of in game money for every screenshot we use on the site!

Our server operates a "no hate" policy and believes in keeping things "PG" as we have diverse players of all ages. Players who repeatedly fail to respect this will, for the good of everyone else, be permanently banned.

So if this sounds like your sort of server then come join our small but friendly community and help it grow!

(server creator /owner)

For help or to report a bug / issue e-mail:

Note: The End is reset every couple of weeks and The Nether is reset every month or so to keep them fresh. We do not announce resets, this gives everyone a fair chance at being first to explore.

Recommended Texture Pack

Not only is BDCraft the official texture pack of our modpack DiggyVerse but
it is also the recommended resource pack for our vanilla server.

It's available in x16 to x512 versions and can be downloaded from here:

Not only is it a fantastic texture pack which looks slick whilst keeping the vanilla feel,
 but you'll be seeing spawn and other server features as they were meant to be seen.

Grab it now and give it a try!

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